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Professional Amethyst Mid Size Turbo Dryer

Hot Tools

Professional Amethyst Mid Size Turbo Dryer

Item 2534050

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With this powerful little dryer, purple reigns! The Hot Tools Amethyst Turbo Dryer is a lightweight, compact tool with all the power of a full-sized dryer, adorned in a chic, amethyst hue.

Small but Mighty
Good things do come in smaller packages, and the Amethyst Turbo Dryer is a perfect example. It packs a punch with 1875 watts of blow drying power, getting the job done with a fraction of the weight of a standard dryer, and none of the stress and strain on your wrist and arms.

ION Technology
Ions aren't visible to the naked eye, but Hot Tools' Ion Technology makes a visible difference in your hair. Negative ions maintain a neutral charge on the surface of the hair, and that means your hair stays conditioned, smooth and static-free.

Tourmaline and Ceramic
No, that's not a bluegrass duo. These are two materials that make all the difference in a thermal styling tool. Tourmaline and ceramic convert heat into far-infrared energy, which enables this dryer to dry the hair from the inside out of each hair strand. This action eliminates surface damage and leaves hair glossy and strong. They also seal that outer surface, so frizz is eliminated, and your finished style is soft and shiny.

Key Features:
  • 1875 watts of power cut down on drying time
  • Six speeds and heat combinations, with separate switches, let you configure your dryer for every type of hair
  • A cool shot button locks your style in place
  • Comes with two concentrator attachments: a narrow nozzle to target sections and create a sleek, polished finish, and a wide nozzle to dry larger sections quickly
  • Removable end cap makes filter-cleaning easy and prolongs the life of the motor
  • Hanging ring and cord guard make storage easy
  • ALCI plug enhances safety
  • Eight-foot, round, tangle-free professional cord gives you a wide range of motion
  • ALCI plug enhances safety
HOT TOOLS PRO TIP #1: Volume Secret-Here's how to give your hair a real boost when you blow dry. As you dry, lift each section up and then direct it over, in the opposite direction that it lays naturally. So if you're working on a section that grows to the right of your part, flip it so it's directed to the left of your part. Dry it, and then flip it back. You'll get lots more volume and bounce at the roots.
HOT TOOLS PRO TIP #2: Heat Safety-Hot tools work magic for transforming your hair, but remember, heat can damage hair if not used properly. So practice safe blow drying! Keep the nozzle of the dryer at least four inches away from the hair and from the brush. Never place the dryer nozzle on top of the hair or the brush. Don¿t aim the nozzle at metal clips or pins, as the metal can damage the hair. And when using concentrator nozzles, set the heat on low or medium only.
HOT TOOLS PRO TIP #3: Rough Before Ready-It will take less time and you'll get smoother results if you dry your hair 75 percent or more, so it's damp, not soaking, before using your brush. Start by ''rough drying'' your hair with the dryer and your fingers, moving it around to remove as much moisture as possible. This also allows your styling product to penetrate. Then grab your brush to smooth and shape hair into the final look.


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