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Poison Girl Eau de Toilette Rollerball


Poison Girl Eau de Toilette Rollerball

0.6 oz Item 2524209

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Experience Poison Girl Eau de Toilette with the new Roller-Pearl. A discreetly elegant bottle, topped with a delicate pearl to create an entirely new way to apply fragrance. A new gesture that is simple, sensual, and liberating. For fragrance touch-ups or perfuming on the go, Poison Girl Eau de Toilette Roller-Pearl is as precious as a gem.

  • Precise, Controlled Application: The glass bead tip delivers just the right amount of fragrance, right where desired, with no waste
  • Velvet Touch: The texture is luxuriously sensual, ultra-light, and fresh
  • Travel: The 0.67 oz. bottle goes anywhere. It is hermetically sealed with a screw-on cap

Poison Girl Eau de Toilette is a composition with a distinctive beat. An appeal to the senses in three movements that plays with a daring encounter between contrasting ingredients. A duo of frosted orange engaged in a juicy dialogue. Non-identical twins with complementary characters. Followed by a bouquet of sensual flowers, creating a fiery climate of hot and cold. Ever-present in the sensual and addictive signature of Poison Girl, notes of Tonka bean and vanilla distill their racy, bitter-sweet caress.

"Poison Girl Eau de Toilette draws out its effects. It's an intriguing composition that retains its caressing charm with some fresh jabs thrown in. It blows hot and cold." -Fran├žois Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

Duo of Frosted Oranges: A frosted duo that combines a sweet, fruity Sicilian orange with the high-powered vibrancy of Calabrian bitter orange. Both joyful and juicy by nature, they each play their own, distinctive score. Chosen for their affinities as well as their differences, they compose a tailored, finely chiseled freshness. The full and fleshy Sicilian orange is the more familiar, while the Calabrian stands out by its spirited disposition and powerful nuances.

Green and Sparkling Neroli: A green and sparkling neroli encounters a duo of Grasse and Damascus roses. The first exerts an unequalled power, peppery and honeyed, as the queen of the exceptional flowers of Provence. Its cousin, a Turkish beauty with a lively temperament, asserts its expressive, sensual character. In the end, the heart remains open to its zesty debut and lets the lingering citrus notes shine on, creating an intense, turbulent, burning hot, and sensual charm.

Vanilla and Tonka Bean: The caress of vanilla swirling with the soft and appealing accents of Tonka bean set the bouquet of flowers ablaze. The full and enveloping nuances of this noble bean blanket the entire composition. A dash of sweet and slightly coarse vanilla adds a flirtatious seductive touch. Without overpowering, this delicious duo envelops and sharpens the senses. The effect is tenacious, glaringly sensual, and sexy as hell.


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