Hot ToolsThermal Velcro Rollers

Item 2507553

Hot Tools Thermal Velcro Rollers #1


The Hot Tools Professional Thermal Velcro Self-Hold Hair Rollers create effortless, long-lasting heatless curls.



  • Create long-lasting curls
  • Includes 16 rollers in assorted sizes: Large (2.25" - 4 ct), Medium (1.75" - 4 ct), Small (1.5" - 4 ct), and Extra-Small (0.75" - 4 ct)
  • No pins or clips needed
  • Ideal if used with hair dryer

How To Use

Start with wet or damp hair. Comb hair into small sections depending on roller size. Wrap your hair from ends to root. Repeat step 1 until the desired hair is set. Use a blow dryer on each section. Unwind rollers one at a time. Finger brush your hair and enjoy your curls