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SCRATCH Terrazzo Nail Wraps #1
SCRATCH Terrazzo Nail Wraps #1

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SCRATCHTerrazzo Nail Wraps

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Terrazzo prints have made a huge comeback. But forget the countertops- let's put this print on our nails! The SCRATCH Terrazzo nail wraps feature warm and cool tones on a transparent base and can be worn over your favorite polish or on their own!



  • Application in minutes
  • Easy removal with acetone
  • No UV exposure or heat required
  • Can be used with natural nails, nail polish, gels, or artificial nails
  • Gentle on your nails! SCRATCH nail wraps do not use harsh adhesives
  • Real nail art designed by @ninanailedit


  • SCRATCH is a woman-owned and operated business based in Boston, MA
  • The super-thin nail wraps are printed with 5-free nail polish inks on a uniquely thin adhesive for an individual fit
  • Apply the nail wraps, then top with one layer of your favorite non-quick dry top coat, and let it set
  • Designed by @ninanailedit, SCRATCH is all about real nail art in minutes!
  • Since these nail wraps are formulated with actual nail polish, you can remove them simply with nail polish remover, win, win!
  • Each package includes 16 nail wraps (8 sizes), one cuticle pusher, a mini nail file and buffer

Formulated Without

  • Camphor
  • Dibutyl Phthalate
  • Formaldehyde
  • Formaldehyde resin
  • Toluene

How To Use

It is so important to clean the hands and nails thoroughly before doing your nails! Scratch recommends cleaning the nails with rubbing alcohol and applying nail prep (a pH balancing agent) after washing your hands and drying them thoroughly.

Once that's done, you're ready to apply some nail wraps! See the directions for nail wrap use with polish, gels, and acrylic/dip below.

Regular Polish

  • Prep: Apply a very thin base coat or color and let it dry completely.
  • Application: See application steps 1-5 below.
  • Finish: Once the nail wraps are dry, finish with a non-quick dry top coat, making sure to encapsulate the wrap on all sides and cap the tip. Let the first layer of top coat dry fully (nail polish can take several hours to completely set depending on application) before adding more.

Soft/Hard Gels:

  • Prep: Apply base coat and cure according to the system's directions and clean off the inhibition layer.
  • Application: See application steps 1-5 below.
  • Finish: Once the nail wraps are dry, finish with a gel top coat making sure to encapsulate the wrap on all sides and cap the tip. Cure according to the gel system's directions.


  • Prep: Apply the base layer according to the system's directions. File and buff to create a smooth surface Ensure there is no residue or dust and the nail has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Application: See application steps 1-5 below
  • Finish: Seal the nail wrap with gel, clear acrylic, or clear dip top coat making sure to encapsulate the wrap and cap the tip according to your system's directions.

Application Steps 1-5.

  1. Select the best nail wrap size. Peel the thin plastic from the nail wrap, then peel the nail wrap from the harder plastic backing.
  2. Place the nail wrap on the nail and make sure it is not on the skin or the cuticle, flatten the nail wrap down by pressing on all sides.
  3. Fold the excess nail wrap over the edge of the nail and file gently in short, light downward strokes.
  4. After applying the nail wrap, dab all of the edges (sidewalls, near the cuticle, and free edge) with a brush dipped in acetone. Then, press the wrap with the pad of your finger to seal the wrap onto the nail. This step can help flatten any buckling should there be any.
  5. Allow the acetone and the nail wrap to dry (at least 5 minutes).

Tips for all methods:

  • Leave a small gap between the nail wrap and the cuticle so the top coat is able to grab onto the base coat, fully encapsulating the nail wrap.
  • For opaque nail strips: SCRATCH recommends capping the free edge with a polish color that matches to increase wear time. As always, cap the tip with your top coat!