iHomePortable Vanity Mirror With Bluetooth, Speakerphone & USB Charging

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iHome Portable Vanity Mirror With Bluetooth, Speakerphone & USB Charging #1
iHome Portable Vanity Mirror With Bluetooth, Speakerphone & USB Charging #1


iHome REFLECT PRO 10" x 13" Telescoping Portable Makeup Vanity Mirror with full color spectrum LED lighting, Bluetooth, speakerphone and USB charging.



  • 10" x 13" distortion-free mirror
  • Detail mirror with 10X magnification
  • Full-spectrum lighting with 350 Lux with hi/med/low brightness modes
  • Bluetooth audio
  • USB charging port
  • Speakerphone for hands-free calling
  • Audio caller ID
  • Voice control through Siri and Google Assistant
  • Rechargeable for up to 20 hours of audio
  • Tilt mirror adjusts to any angle

How To Use

Charging Mirror

  • Connect included AC adapter to DC jack on back of mirror and the other end to a working wall outlet

Battery Level Indicators - Mirror MUST be connected to power for USB charging from the unit.

  • Connect USB cable (not included) to USB port and the other end to your device to charge.

Charging Devices

  • Red Battery Status LED
  • Charging = solid red
  • Fully charged = off
  • Low Battery = flashing red (mirror is ON, not being charged)
  • Press and hold the light button for 2 seconds to hear voice announce battery charge status (mirror must be ON).

Light Function

  • Press light button to turn ON Hi/Mid/Lo/OFF for the best light brightness

Detail Mirror

  • Attach included 10x magnifying detail mirror wherever you like on the mirror face (or anywhere!)
  • This mirror comes with a cleaning cloth to keep the large surface and detail mirror smudge free.
  • The back of the detail mirror has SimpleStick micro suction material for easily attaching and detaching almost anywhere. For best results, clean SimpleStick material with office tape.
  • If more cleaning is need try washing with mild soap and water as needed.

Bluetooth Audio Function

  • Press power button to turn speaker On or Off
  • When mirror is On, press and hold the Bluetooth button on back of mirror for pairing mode, indicated by the blinking BLUE LED
  • Select "iHome REFLECT PRO" on your device's Bluetooth menu to connect
  • Press to play/pause Bluetooth audio
  • Press to answer/end Bluetooth calls
  • Press and hold for 2 seconds to decline Bluetooth calls
  • Quick double press for next track
  • Quick triple press for previous track
  • Press and hold for 2 seconds and wait for beep to activate voice control with Siri/Google Now

Precautions: Please see Safety Instructions for complete warnings.