The Vintage Cosmetic CompanyLeopard Print Microfibre Hair Turban

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The Vintage Cosmetic Company Leopard Print Microfibre Hair Turban #1

Size:1 ct


Take a walk on the wild side with your inner Hollywood diva thanks to The Vintage Cosmetic Company's Leopard Print Microfibre Hair Turban. Damp locks are delicate, so keep them safe with this lightweight turban. Give wet hair the glamour-puss touch!



  • Made from super-soft, highly absorbent polyester microfiber that soaks up moisture fast - which means less time on damaging blowouts
  • Machine washable

How To Use

Turn your head upside down, flip hair forward and put the turban on with the button at the back. Tuck all hair into the turban. Twist so it is snug around your head. Pull the twist back over your head and secure with the button.

Machine washable. Air dry.


100% Knitted Polyester Microfibre.