iHomeHollywood Pro Vanity Mirror With Bluetooth & USB Charger

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iHome Hollywood Pro Vanity Mirror With Bluetooth & USB Charger #1


iHome HOLLYWOOD PRO Vanity Makeup Mirror features LED lighting, stereo speaker with Bluetooth, speakerphone, USB charging & a removable 10X detail mirror.



  • Large 12" x 16" distortion-free mirror
  • Removable detail mirror with 10X magnification
  • Full-spectrum lighting with 4 levels of brightness
  • 3 dimmable hue adjustments including bright daylight, soft and warm evening modes
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Speakerphone for hands-free calling
  • 12W USB charging port
  • Stereo speaker for room filling sound

How To Use

Connecting Mirror to Power: Connect included AC adapter to DC jack on back of mirror and the other end to a working wall outlet.

Power Button: Tap to turn mirror ON or OFF.

Minus/Plus Volume Buttons: Tap to lower or raise volume.

Light Button: Tap to adjust brightness of mirror light; touch and hold to change light mode.

Multi-Function Button:

  • Tap to play/pause audio
  • Tap to answer/end calls
  • Touch and hold to decline calls
  • Touch and hold to access Siri or Google Assistant

USB 2.4A Charging Port: When the mirror is connected to AC power, use the USB port to charge devices.

Bluetooth Button: Press and hold for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode.

USB DC Jack: Use included adapter to connect to AC power.

Light Function:

  • Tap the Light Button to turn the mirror light ON
  • Tap the Light Button repeatedly to cycle through brightness levels: Max, High, Mid, Low, and OFF
  • Touch and hold the Light Button to cycle through light modes: Soft Yellow, Warm White, and Bright White

Using Bluetooth Audio:

  • Tap Power Button to turn speaker ON
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth Button on the back of the mirror for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode, indicated by the blinking icon on the front of the mirror
  • Select "iHome Hollywood Pro" on your device¿s Bluetooth menu to connect. The icon will glow solid once connected
  • Tap to play/pause Bluetooth audio
  • Tap to answer/end Bluetooth calls
  • Touch and hold for 3 seconds to decline Bluetooth calls
  • Quick double tap for next track
  • Quick triple tap for previous track or to restart current track
  • Tap to lower or raise volume

Charging Devices:

  • Mirror MUST be connected to power to use USB charging from the unit
  • Connect USB charging cable (not included) to USB port and the other end to your device to charge