Wet BrushGo Green Oil Infused Watermelon Brush

Item 2562426

Wet Brush Go Green Oil Infused Watermelon Brush #1


This Wet Brush Watermelon Seed Oil-infused brush hydrates hair with every stroke as its combined IntelliFlex and boar bristles add shine with less damage.



  • Natural boar bristles
  • Plant-based plastic
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Not to be used with hair dryer
  • Watermelon seed oil-infused cushion


  • Evenly distributes natural oils and locks in moisture
  • Comfortable and easy to grip
  • Leaves hair shiny and smooth
  • Gentle on strands

How To Use

Styling Tips:
Brush out finished styles to add luster and shine
Use on dry hair in-between washes to keep hair looking smooth, soft and shiny
Use on a regular basis to help hair stay moisturized and resistant to breakage

Precautions: Do not use with blow dryer as heat may damage bristles. Use the Speed Dry instead. *Independent clinical trials show IntelliFlex bristles are less damaging than a traditional styling brush
**Independent clinical trials show IntelliFlex bristles use less force than another leading detangling brush