BLINKING BEAUTÉFaux Mink Luxe Innovative Lashes - Bright Eye-Dea

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BLINKING BEAUTÉ Faux Mink Luxe Innovative Lashes - Bright Eye-Dea #1

Size:1 pair


Offering soft, plush volume like no synthetics you've seen before, BLINKING BEAUTÉ has developed Faux Mink Luxe Innovative Lashes - Bright Eye-Dea for both beauty and comfort.



  • Varying fiber lengths and tapers make this glamorous pair stand alone
  • Comfortable cotton band allows you to wear them all day
  • Wear up to 30 times with proper care
  • Medium/Full Volume, High Density


  • Smart, intense, plush
  • Black cotton band provides comfort and durability and emulates the look of eyeliner
  • 3D lash provides glamorous dimension and volume

How To Use

Application: BLINKING BEAUTÉ lashes are easy to apply on yourself.

  • Remove false lashes from the case by detaching band from tray
  • Hold the lash band on each side with both hands; work and wiggle back and forth several times to soften and increase flexibility
  • Apply adhesive to the back of the lash band; wait for 10-20 seconds before proceeding to allow it to dry slightly
  • Place the lash on top of your natural lash line; softly press band containing adhesive against eyelid to secure; wait for adhesive to dry completely

Tips: For best results, complete your desired makeup look before placing BLINKING BEAUTÉ lashes; this includes mascara application on natural lashes. Avoid applying mascara directly to BLINKING BEAUTÉ lashes for increased longevity.

Care and Reuse: BLINKING BEAUTÉ lashes are very durable; with proper care, each pair can be used multiple times.

  • To remove false lashes from eyes, gently lift band at outer corner; continue to ease across the base of natural lash line in a soft pulling motion
  • Use fingers to carefully remove any excess adhesive left on the lash band
  • Replace lashes on the tray in the original cube to store for next use

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