RevlonThe Designer Collection Slanted Tweezers

Item 2229303

Revlon The Designer Collection Slanted Tweezers #1


The Designer Collection Slanted Tweezers by Revlon are perfectly aligned slant tips for high precision tweezing. Best for all of your tweezing needs.



  • The perfectly aligned, slanted tips on these eyebrow tweezers are designed for laser-like accuracy, while the artsy motif stands out.
  • With an ultra-sharp and slanted tip, these are designed for high-precision tweezing.


Using Revlon's Lash and Brow Groomer, brush brows into place. Pluck individual hairs in the direction of hair growth. Tweeze from below the brow to create a clean shape, following brow's natural arch. Tweeze only obvious, stray hairs from above the brow. Be careful not to over tweeze.