Morphe35O3 Fierce By Nature Artistry Palette

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Size:1.80 oz


Fuel that creativity. Hot to the touch, Morphe's scorchin' 35 shade 35O3 Fierce By Nature Artistry Palette was born to dominate (just like you).



  • Row 1: Trance (matte light peach), Consume (matte tangerine), Frenzy (shimmering warm gold), Power Play (shimmering lime green), Savage (matte cinnamon), The OG (matte chocolate milk), Distrupt (matte red clay)
  • Row 2: Temptin' (matte coral), Flame Game (matte orange creamsicle), Ferocious (matte pumpkin spice), Come Alive (matte spring green), Major Hottie (matte terracotta), Stun Wild (shimmering copper), Embers (shimmering orange flame)
  • Row 3: New Flame (shimmering red coral), Ball of Fire (matte neon orange), Red Alert (matte scarlet), Make-Believe (rich gold glitter), Unstoppable (matte hot fuchsia), Explode (matte poppy), Hot Contents (shimmering strawberry)
  • Row 4: Domination (matte mocha), Full Blast (shimmering magenta rose), Ignition (matte mahogany), Mesmerize (shimmering brass), Inferno (shimmering cranberry), In Command (matte merlot with sparkle), Hypnotic (matte rich plum)
  • Row 5: Stamina (matte dark chocolate), Warning Label (matte garnet), Combust (shimmering bronze), Otta Control (shimmering espresso), Smolder (matte hickory), Jolt (matte smoky taupe), Smoked Out (matte smoky black)