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Over Zit Spot Patches

C&C by Clean & Clear

Over Zit Spot Patches

30 ct oz Item 2530136

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C&C by Clean & Clear Over Zit Spot Patches - They work directly with their customers to develop a clear cut line of products that help skincare fit easily into your daily routine - no overthinking required. And these hydrocolloid spot stickers are no exception! They cover zits one by one to help provide a no-pick, protective healing environment. Designed to absorb fluid in the affected area, these stickers help make skin happy. There when you need them, and easily storable when you don't, these overnight patches come in two sizes to fit zits both big and small. Oh, and guess what? Like all of our other C&C by Clean & Clear products, these on-the-spot patches are never, ever tested on animals.
Start with Clean face & hands. Peel patch away from backing, try not to touch the sticky side. Remove Patch by slowly stretching from edge. Store unused patches in their sleeve.
Registered as a medical device. Industry to not supply ingredients.


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