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Ulta Beauty's basics (& beyond) of color correcting
The basics (& beyond) of color correcting

You’ve heard of the beauty craze. Now it’s time to add the technique to your makeup bag of tricks.

Color correcting is all about using targeted hues to erase blemishes and imperfections. The idea is simple – take colors that are opposites on the color wheel and they’ll “cancel” each other out. (Green works against redness, and so on.)

Try it – pick your shades according to your skin concerns.

Color Correcting Cheat Sheet


Brightens dullness & discoloration on light skin


Neutralizes dull yellow undertones on light to medium skin


Erases purple/blue tones & corrects mild redness on all skin tones


Minimizes redness on all skin tones


Cancels dark circles & erases dark spots on light to medium skin

Ulta Beauty Collection Color Correcting Liquid Concealer

Makeup Artist Tips

1. Use color correctors before you apply foundation or concealer for an even complexion.

2. Start with a light application — you can always add more.

3. Try a dab of yellow on the inside and outside corners of your eyes to add instant brightness.

4. Use green around the nose – makes redness vanish!

Ready to try it? Shop the new color correcting liquid concealers from the Ulta Beauty Collection today. Or try one of Ulta Beauty’s color correcting face sticks!

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