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Easy updos for second-day hair

Missed a shampoo? No biggie. In fact, it’s a great chance to try a new style. Second-day hair is typically more textured so you get more grip and hold – perfect for updos.

The Artistic Team at Ulta Beauty came up with some awesome spring cuts and then imagined fun ways to restyle them using an iconic collection of hair products and new, tech-savvy tools. Try these hair switch-ups. You’ll be glad you skipped the suds.

The How To

1. Isolate a horseshoe-shaped section that includes the top and crown. Clip it.

2. Beginning on the left side, roll hair away from your face, working toward the ear. Secure with pins.

3. In the nape, work from the bottom up and roll the hair upward using pins to secure until you reach the back of the crown.

4. Accent with barrettes. Unclip the top.

The Pro Tip

“Apply a small amount of curl definer on your hands, and wind and twist curls to get detail and manageability. Complete your style with a finishing spray for added control and shine.”
– Shaun Brezanin, Artistic Team at Ulta Beauty

The Must-Use

Paul Mitchell Express Style Round Trip Curl Definer & Paul Mitchell Express Style Worked Up Working Spray Working Spray

The How To

1. Using your fingers, rake your hair back to the center of your nape.

2. Divide that into two parts and twist hair to the ends. Then twist the two sections together to form a chignon at the nape. Secure with pins.

3. Pull out pieces from the bun to create a soft, lived-in look. Do the same around the face.

4. Finish the look with a headband.

The Pro Tip

“Lightly use a sea spray all over the hair and gently brush it through. Be sure to rough the dry hair with a frizz-reducing tourmaline dryer to add texture and shine. After the chignon is complete use extra body finishing spray for voluminous hold and detail.”
– Shaun Brezanin, Artistic Team at Ulta Beauty

The Must-Use

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray, Paul Mitchell Extra Body Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray & Paul Mitchell Neuro Light Lightweight Hair Dryer

The How To

1. Divide hair into front and back sections – do it with a diagonal forward part that extends from the crown to the back of each ear.

2. In the back, create a Dutch braid beginning in the nape, extending to the crown. Secure with an elastic band.

3. Add the front section to the braid to create one larger ponytail. Secure with the elastic band. Softly twist the ponytail loop into a bun shape and secure with pins.

4. Use your fingers to expand the bun until you get the shape you want.

The Pro Tip

“When braiding, prep the hair with a product that provides moisture, manageability and grip.”
– Shaun Brezanin, Artistic Team at Ulta Beauty

The Must-Use

Paul Mitchell Fast Form Cream Gel – apply a small amount on dry, pre-braided sections

The How To

1. Wet your hair. Then shape your curls by twisting them around your finger. Use a diffuser on high heat and low speed to set the look.

2. Customize your curls with a small ¼” curling iron. For a tighter curl, use the tail of a comb and wrap the hair around it in a spiral.

3. Separate curls with your fingers to sculpt them as desired.

The Pro Tip

“Before curling, prep each section with a heat protectant that also provides frizz control and flexible hold. Finish with a shine spray for moisture and polish.”
– Shaun Brezanin, Artistic Team at Ulta Beauty

The Must-Use

Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press Thermal Protection Hairspray, Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray & 1/4 curling iron

Ready to try these styles? Shop all Paul Mitchell products and tools, including the new Neuro collection, by clicking here.

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