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Solve Your
Hair Situation

Ulta Beauty's Solutions For Your Hair Situations
Styling and finishing tips to
conquer what the day might bring

You might not know how your day will unfold. But you can get your hair ready for anything. It all comes down to the way you style and finish it.

Take our tips. Here are four common situations.


Humidity can be your enemy — especially if you have curls. Fight back. Frizz is scared of smoothing emollients and wheat proteins; they help hold a curl’s definition. Look for these ingredients in products that combat frizz and also add extra benefits like UV protection.

We Love:

Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel


Meetings all day -- time for a power pony. The style is high, sleek, polished and professional. Also, so easy to master. Start by blending in a smoothing balm before you blow-dry. Then straighten your hair with a flat iron (we love ceramic irons because the ions they emit actually act like smoothing agents). Then use a non-sticky hairspray to get the look on lockdown.

We Love:

Solano Super Lite Dryer

CHI Ceramic 1” Hairstyling Iron

Joico KPAK Smoothing Balm

Redken Styling Satinwear Spray


You protect your skin from UV rays. Be just as nice to your hair. Sun causes breakage, which makes color fade faster. Reverse the effects by working a dollop of heat protectant into damp hair. The silicones in the protectant seal your hair cuticle and also reduce moisture loss. It all means vibrant color – longer.

We Love:

Drybar Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant

Redken Color Extend Rich Recovery Protective Treatment


In a rush? Throw your hair up – a twirled top bun is easy to achieve. For this perfectly imperfect style you don’t even need to wash your hair; it works best with second- or third-day hair.

First, apply shaping spray to give your hair some grip. Then comb it into a ponytail. Hold your pony up and twirl it loosely. Let it “drop” onto the top of your head, and secure the ends to the base of the pony with bobby pins. Use a holding spray around your bun so you don’t get flyaways – the rest can look messy-chic.

We Love:

Sebastian 80 VOC Shaper Plus

Matrix Vavoom Freezing Spray

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