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Next-Level Natural

Less is more with makeup that looks barely there

Discover 9 ways to up your #RanOutTheDoorLikeThis game


The Sheerest of Foundations

The best kind of foundation? The you-can’t-tell-I’m-wearing-it foundation. Get a bare but flawless natural beauty look with BECCA’s water-light formula that blurs imperfections and gives a healthy glow.


The Prettiest of Primers

Primers are usually undercover agents – completely invisible. But Honest Beauty’s works hard to give you a subtle golden glow. And because it also smoothes pores and plumps your skin, you might even dare to wear it alone for a completely natural look.


The Nudest of Nails

If your nail polish collection resembles a rainbow, it’s time to go into the pale. Creamy light beige is understated but sophisticated, especially Zoya’s vegan-friendly version.


The Sassiest of Highlighters

Give off that coy “Who, me?” vibe with a quick sweep of shimmer. With this in your arsenal, you can get an even glow (by brushing across the whole compact) or draw more or less light to certain areas of your face (by brushing on the individual “bars” of color).


The Neatest of Brows

Great brows are game changers – they frame your entire face. Get them right every time with the skinniest of pencils. They allow you to make hyper-fine, precise strokes for a brow that looks gorgeously au naturel.


The Realest of Lashes

Feathery lashes = major allure. Turns out, all you need is a tinted primer. This one by Benefit defines and naturally enhances the appearance of your lashes. Wear it alone or under your mascara.


The Calmest of Balms

Some products not only help you look natural; they help you feel natural, too. That’s the best way to describe Honest Beauty’s Magic Balm. Use it to hydrate your lips and face, highlight or keep brows in place. It can do lots of tricks and has a soothing effect on the skin with a soft scent of organic fruit and botanical oils.


The Creamiest of Lipsticks

Don’t underestimate the power of a nude lip to pull your entire look together. This pigment-rich bullet from Fiona Stiles, a celebrity makeup artist and now creator of her own mistake-free makeup line, lets you own it without overdoing it.


The Brightest of Palettes

When light plays off your face, gorgeous things happen. Take it to another level with this celebrity makeup artist-designed palette that captures, diffuses and softens the way light reflects on your skin. It’s sheer, natural coverage that lets you shine.


TIP! Find Your Shade

Looking for that perfect foundation? Use the Ulta Beauty Shade Finder to explore color charts, buying guides & more from your favorite brands. With infinite shades for all skin tones, nailing the natural makeup look will be easy.