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Welcome to our colorful hub of beauty buzz. Hope you came ready to make a discovery and pick up a new trick or two! This is where you’ll find the latest on what’s making our hearts race, along with beauty tips, articles and how-to’s. We talk about it all — makeup, skincare, haircare and more. So jump in anywhere, and come back often. Because just like buying new lipstick, checking out the latest is a habit that’s too fun to break.


Rejuvenate Your
Beauty Routine

Juicy, fruity, all-natural product ingredients are big right now. Get your fill. From a splash of citrus to an infusion of cucumber, this is beauty’s take on cleansing.


Masks with Aloe Vera & Citrus

Slip into PJs, put on a mask. Try this super soothing ritual once a week, or even every few days. It’s the instant results, though, that’ll get you hooked. Try eye masks for tired, puffy eyes – these cooling gel strips include aloe vera to hydrate and soothe. When you want to perk up, go for a good ol’ shot of Vitamin C – helps brighten the skin and even the tone. This citrus face mask does the trick thanks to invigorating lemon balm.


Shampoo & Conditioner with Tea Tree, Lavender & Mint

Wash your hair and help your mind, body and spirit. The French love lavender, which is used as an herbal remedy -- treats everything from insomnia to anxiety. Tea tree oil is a proven antiviral and cleanses the hair in a non-harsh way. Finally, mint has been found to improve cognitive functions, like problem solving and memory. A product that gets you out of the shower calmer, fresher and smarter? Sign us up.


Micellar Cleansing Tonic with
Coconut Water

Micellar water + coconut water = dream team. Together, they really treat your skin. Micelles are microscopic oil molecules that attach to dirt and makeup, helping to cleanse. And you’ve probably sipped coconut water; it’s the clear liquid in the fruit’s center and is full of antioxidants, amino acids and minerals like iron and potassium – ingredients that protect and restore the skin’s barrier. Use this tonic potion from Pacifica in your daily routine to hydrate and get a fresh face.


Anti-Aging Booster with Vitamin C

What fresh-pressed OJ does for your body (hello, energy!), Vitamin C does for your skin. It brightens, evens and retexturizes, giving you a more youthful look. This formula from Clinique gets mixed in with your moisturizer for a daily boost. There’s science behind it: Pure Vitamin C naturally degrades when exposed to oxygen, so it’s most powerful when fresh. This has stay-fresh package that isolates the vitamin until activation for maximum effect. L ascorbic acid vitamin c clear, non sticky, kept in dark.


Toner with Lettuce & Cucumber

Eat your greens. And don’t forget to feed your skin. As an essence, lettuce has naturally high water content that gives your skin a quick, refreshing cooldown. Cucumber extracts help tone and moisturize (they also contain Vitamin C to stimulate collagen). Put them together in a toner with a nice botanical fragrance and you’ve got a new essential step in your routine.


Lip Oils with Cranberry, Pomegranate, Green Tea & Avocado

Great as juice. Delicious on toast. And even better on the lips. Cranberry and pomegranate have antioxidant and skin conditioning properties. Green tea and avocado have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Served up as lip oils they provide all those benefits, plus mega moisture and shine. They go on clear: Wear them alone or over your favorite lip color. And don’t worry about licking your lips – they have flavor!


Skin Gel with Cucumber

Ever put slices of cuke on your eyes? So refreshing. Cucumber hydrates, de-puffs and sooths your skin. When you splash its essence all over it can even relieve heat rash and sunburns. So pack this product when you take that beach vacay: Tony Moly’s cucumber water gives you all of those benefits, plus an oil-free fresh feel.


Lipstick & Gloss with Coconut Oil

Passionfruit in lipstick — a natural match! Another name for the fruit is maracuja, and it’s rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin C for smoothness and hydration. You’ll get a good dose of it in Tarte Double Duty Beauty’s double-ended lippie, which is both a satin matte lipstick and coordinating gloss. This lip must-have also contains coconut water, which moisturizes and conditions. Great if you’re on the go and want to get some color and get rid of flakiness.


Conditioning Hair Oil with Vitamin E

Swish, shine and glow, glow, glow. Vitamin E will give your hair all of that, while also making it stronger. While you may think that adding oil to your hair will make it sticky and gummy, that’s not the case with this OGX formula – it goes on light (apply it after towel drying your hair) but sinks in deep. So by the time you’re done styling, your look is chic and sleek.


Aloe a Go-Go

Did you know aloe vera is a common houseplant? Go ahead and grow your own – you can crack the leaves and use the fresh aloe right on your skin to soothe. Cleopatra did, according to ancient writings. Not feeling your green thumb? Then check out the aloe products below.


Calling All Avocado Addicts

First things first: Avocados are fruits, not vegetables. (They’re actually single-seed berries that grow on trees.) You might love them because they’re naturally cholesterol-free and taste good in just about anything, from smoothies to guac to Instagrammable toasts. In beauty products, it’s their oils that do good things, like moisturize and reduce inflammation. Ancient Incans, Aztecs and Mayans used avocados in beauty rituals, so who are we to break with tradition? Check out some of the avocado oil products that do wonders.


Green Tea, Please!

Surely you’ve heard – green tea has been relied on for centuries to do everything from fight colds to lift depression. Are you drinking the recommended two or three cups daily? Good. Now add it to your hair and skin routine. The antioxidants in green tea fight signs of skin aging, and its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness from acne. Used on the hair, it promotes growth and can ease common concerns like dry scalp and dandruff. Shop our favorite green tea products here.


Minty Fresh

Plant mint in your garden and it might take everything over. It’s an invasive herb -- but in beauty products you’ll want to give it a big welcome. Think beyond toothpaste. In shampoo, it invigorates the scalp. In face masks, it shrinks pores. In hand cream, it has a nice, invigorating scent. Check out good-for-you minty products here.