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Welcome to our colorful hub of beauty buzz. Hope you came ready to make a discovery and pick up a new trick or two! This is where you’ll find the latest on what’s making our hearts race, along with beauty tips, articles and how-to’s. We talk about it all — makeup, skincare, haircare and more. So jump in anywhere, and come back often. Because just like buying new lipstick, checking out the latest is a habit that’s too fun to break.

Flawless Fitness

Slip a little beauty in your gym bag.

It’s not about getting glam – it’s about quick, pretty solutions. We’re talking blotters that tame slick skin, dry shampoos that revive limp hair, and waterproof makeup that won’t sweat off. That’s just the start. Click around to discover our gym beauty picks.


Refresh At Every Step

Keep that glow – long after you get off the elliptical. It’s easy: Use face wipes. These pocket-sized beauties are made with natural superfruits, like peach and apricot, plus flower extracts. A quick way to brighten your skin.


Spritz & Speed Up Dry Time

Don’t lose time in the locker room. Do a quicker blow dry. Spray this primer on your hair before drying it – it speeds the whole process up, and helps prevent heat damage and breakage.


Detangle After the Pool

Get those snarls out. Specially made for wet hair, this lightweight brush has flexible bristles that work well no matter if you’re a sleek or curly girl.


Get Cheeky After Cardio

You don’t need to haul your whole makeup stash to the gym. Leave the blush brush at home and use this liquid potion that dabs on for a pretty flush. It’s a quick, hardworking fix – like boot camp for your cheeks. (Bonus: You can also use it on your lips!)


Avoid Melt-y Makeup

Work up a sweat – but don’t smear and don’t smudge. It’s possible. (Yes, even after hot yoga.) Waterproof mascara is a must. This one maxes out each and every lash and keeps the fullness morning to night.


Save Room for a Scent

Glide it on and go. Pack a rollerball version of your favorite fragrance – it packs easily into your makeup bag. We love Dolce&Gabbana’s for its fruity floral scent.


Always Be Blowout Prepared

BYO dryer. This one is powerful – 1875 watts (the average range is 800-1800). But it packs up small, because of that folding handle. Static eliminating ions fight frizz, too.


Make Slick Skin Instantly Matte

They say you don’t sweat, you sparkle. Still, have to blot away that shine. These silken sheets are your secret weapons – they’re quick to absorb excess oil. Plus, they won’t smear your makeup.


Hide Your Precious Cargo

Don’t bother with a locker. Keep it minimal – your necessities can go in a secret pouch. Sneak a key and money in this band that doubles as a wristband or ponytail holder.


Shampoo Without the Suds

Give your hair a quick refresh – no shower shampoo or conditioner needed. Just spray a bit of dry shampoo for freshness and lift. Great for second-day hair – or seconds-after-your-cardio-class hair.


Jump Around

Did you know jumping rope can burn twice as many calories as jogging – anywhere from 600-1,000 calories an hour! Here are a few tips: Start slow – two minutes at a time, then build up. And practice your form: land on the balls of your feet and keep your knees slightly bent.


Hit Play

A perfect workout playlist – stream it, work it and make everyone wonder where you get all that energy