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Five “It” girls with curls tried (and loved!) Devacurl’s newest hair masks. Read their tips.

Newsflash: Masks aren’t just for faces. Hair masking is huge – and it’s a trend with benefits for everyone, especially curly girls who need a moisture boost.

We reached out to five beauty influencers to get their take on two new buzz-worthy hair masks from DevaCurl. Melt Into Moisture gives hydration and shine, while Deep Sea Repair strengthens and adds bounce. Consensus: The influencers loved them both, and couldn’t wait to dish their tips.

Bianca Castronovo

“I always twist in the product, twirling two pieces of hair together to encourage my curl and make sure the product penetrates. I repeat this process all over my head. If I’m short on time, I’ll mix the two masks together and multi-mask, rather than using them one at a time, then I let it sit while I’m in the shower.”

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Ayesha Malik

“I apply the moisture mask on my damp hair, focusing on the ends which tend to dry out quicker. To lock in that hydration, I wrap my hair in a small towel and sleep with the mask on. A few days later, I use Deep Sea Repair on wet hair to bring back texture and definition. After washing it out, my curls look picture perfect!”

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Kim Harris

“To really help Deep Sea Repair penetrate my hair, I steam my curls for 15-20 minutes after applying the mask. Steam opens up the hair follicles and allows moisture to really get deep into the strands. Because of the deep level of moisture my curls are healthier (less breakage!) and are easier to manage. I’ll usually use a handheld steamer to steam my curls, but you can also use steam from the shower.”

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India Batson

“If you don’t have hours to let the masks soak in, put a shower cap on after applying them. This creates heat inside the cap, so the mask can fully penetrate your hair cuticle. I also recommend combing the mask through your hair so that EVERY strand is covered and you aren't wasting the product.”

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Jasmine Rutledge

“I only like to apply any of my hair products when I’m in the shower and ONLY in the shower, because my cuticle is open, my hair takes in so much moisture and the product is actually absorbed into my hair.”

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