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Create a Beauty-Full Holiday Bash
With These Tips & Tricks

Party season is here. Time to come up with a big, glam plan. We've got inspo, from decorations to drinks to the prettiest favors ever.


Think beyond the streamers. Use beauty goodies to make your party look amazing.

Platters of PrettyWow your guests from the moment they arrive. Instead of hors d'oevres, serve up beauty treats. It's a great icebreaker: Ask your pals to grab a product and say why they picked it.

Fragrance Anchors Blow up balloons in all your favorite holiday colors and weigh them down using perfume bottles.

Extra credit: Decorate with solo balloons too and let their strings hang freely around the house – more flair!

Lippies on the TreeDid you know that juicy, oversaturated lip gloss is going to be huge for 2018? Get a jump on the trend and hang some faves from the tree. Everyone gets to pick one as a party favor—just add mistletoe.


Be the cheers leader. Mix up our beauty-inspired cocktail.

We’ve got just the thing for you to make your cocktails beauty-full: Make a fragrance purchase of more than $40 and get these adorable tumblers (while supplies last)!

Merry Sparkle Spritzer Recipe


4 cups cranberry juice

2 cups orange juice

1 bottle sparkling apple cider

2 liters ginger ale

1 cup vodka

Orange slices and fresh cranberries for garnish
(optional but so worth it!)

Pour all ingredients into a punch bowl and stir. Aaand done!

Feeling fancy? Top with orange slices, fresh cranberries and a few sprigs of fresh thyme.

Serve in our fun festive glasses.

Leave out the vodka for an equally delish cocktail!


Here are three easy ideas for being a real wrap star.

Use a makeup bag or case as your gift container. Check out all of these adorable options!

Wrap your gift in brown Kraft paper and tie it with colorful yarn. (Easy idea: Put on bright red lipstick, then seal the package with a kiss!)

As you put the finishing touches on each gift and add on the ribbon, slide in a fun beauty gift below each bow. Liners, brushes, mascara — they all work!


Find your favorite holiday serving tray and fill it with candy in shimmery packaging. Sprinkle little glosses, mini perfumes & rollerballs (so big this time of year!) and pretty palettes on top of the trays, mixed in with the candy.

Extra credit: Make sure you have a few mirrors handy—you know guests will want to play with all your favors. And, don't forget to let them know that everything is theirs for the taking.

Create a fragrance "spritzing station." The latest and greatest scents, plus your old faves, can be available for sampling and stealing the show. (We're currently loving Kate Spade's Truly collection.) Set everything on a table near your front door and let your guests spritz on their way out.

Ready to party? There's no better time of the year to entertain in a beautiful way. Happy holidays!

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