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Three easy brow trends to try + more

Groomed brows are everything. They open up your eyes, frame your face and make you look polished—even on lazy makeup days. Try our quick tips and favorite products for three flattering trends: feathered, classic and bold brows.

1. Feathered

This look is all about grown-out brows—hair left to go free in its natural direction for a perfectly imperfect look.

Do It: Use a brow pencil to draw light, short strokes and follow the direction of your hair growth. Focus on sparse areas and a softly defined line on the bottom. Shannon Pirie, VP of Education at IT Cosmetics, advises to use more pressure in the middle and tail to create depth. Finish by drawing short strokes going straight up in the front.

Use It: A pencil with an ultra-fine tip to mimic real brow hair.
We love IT Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny.

2. Classic

Think of this look as your brows, but better. Flaunt, don’t fight, your natural shape with just the right amount of product for definition.

Do It: Jasmine Kim, senior brow specialist at Anastasia Beverly Hills, breaks it down: Start drawing strokes at the tail for the most color payoff, going lighter toward the front for an ombre, natural effect. As for the front hairs, start further in than you might think. Imagine a line going straight up, starting at the outer edge of your nose bridge. Where that line hits your brow is your starting point—it’s the most flattering since it enhances your bone structure.

Use It: An everyday pencil with blendable and buildable texture. Try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz–a must with its 10 color choices.

3. Bold

Call them bold, thick, or even “boy” brows. Full brows flatter any face shape—making you look fresh, wide-eyed and youthful.

Do It: Not blessed with generous brow hairs? Natalie Gregor, Education Director at Benefit Cosmetics suggests the 3 T’s: Tail, Tease and Tame. Use a brow gel at the tail and brush hairs towards the front. Work your way forward, backcombing brow hairs along the way to tease until the product gets dry. Tame brow hairs by finishing off in the other direction, from start to tail. Finally, brush those short front hairs straight up.

Use It: A waterproof gel that stays put for a lush look. We like Benefit’s Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel.


Check Your Skin Type

Think about your skin type before you buy products. Kim recommends a powder if you have oily skin and wax-based pencil, pomades or gels for dry skin. That way, the product has staying power and you’ll see it better.

Use It: A 2-in-1 product gives you flexibility, like Maybelline’s Brow Define and Fill Duo for pencil and powder.


If you’re stumped with color choices, try mixing two for a custom shade. Let your hair color be your guide to create a natural look.

Use It: Feel a little daring? Try 1-2 shades darker than your hair color to go bold. Ulta Beauty Collection Brow Pomade is perfect.

Stay in shape

Trim, don’t tweeze. It’s too easy to go overboard! Brush with a spooly, then trim hairs that stick out above the natural line.

Use It: Go for high quality blades in stainless steel for precise snips. These scissors from Anastasia Beverly Hills—handcrafted in Italy in pretty pink—fit the bill.

Sparse brow S.O.S.

Tackle the root of the issue! Find nutrient-rich conditioning products to help brows look thicker and fuller.

Use It: Use a conditioner to coat brow hairs from root to tip. Benefit’s BROWVO! Conditioning Primer pulls double duty. It has keratin and soy proteins to condition at night and act as a primer during the day.

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