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Welcome to our colorful hub of beauty buzz. Hope you came ready to make a discovery and pick up a new trick or two! This is where you’ll find the latest on what’s making our hearts race, along with beauty tips, articles and how-to’s. We talk about it all — makeup, skincare, haircare and more. So jump in anywhere, and come back often. Because just like buying new lipstick, checking out the latest is a habit that’s too fun to break.

10 Signs You’re
Beauty Obsessed

No use being in denial

Check our list and own the fact that you’re a beauty fanatic

1. It’s not just movie night. It’s movie-and-masking-and-mani night.

2. You’re a Platinum member of Ulta Beauty’s Ultamate Rewards Loyalty Program. And you know the secret to spending all of your points: Don’t spend them as soon as you get them; wait and rack up a bunch because the more you have, the more they can be worth.

3. You have an entire collection of mini products for when you travel … and also because they’re just so cute.

4. The day the Allure Best of Beauty winners are announced, you buy them right away, Snapchat about them and tell all your friends.

5. You mark your calendar twice a year to make sure you don’t miss out on 21 Days of Beauty – yes, a legit holiday for beauty lovers. And maybe, just maybe, you’ve snuck out of the office early to get your hands on a Beauty Steal.

6. You plan your outfit around your makeup. Not the other way around.

7. Your shampoo and conditioner is always liter-sized. Can never be too prepared.

8. You always have at least 15 lipsticks open at all times. (That’s eight more than the national average, but who’s counting?)

9. You have all of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. You know – one for every mood and day of the week.

10. You go to Ulta Beauty for “just one thing.” You leave with a haul that needs its own seatbelt.

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