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10 Lip Tricks To Try

Get the secrets with these glosses & sticks.

Master a matte, try an ombré, go mad for metals. Scroll over the photo to find out how.


Ease Into the Bold Zone

Need a stepping stone before you go full-on bold? Instead of swiping this lipstick across your lips, lightly dab the color on and blend it with your finger. You’ll get a softer lip with the same color punch.


Dare to Rock a Foiled Lip

Want a step up from shimmer? A “foiled” lip looks like pretty colored crushed metal on the lips – perfect for a night out. A DIY way to get the look is by applying clear lip gloss and then, using the tip of your fingers, dabbing mineral powder on your lips. But for a quicker fix, try liquefied metallic lipstick. (Dab it in the center of your lips for a long-lasting shiny finish.)


Get a Shine That Won’t Fade

Try it – fill in your lips with liner. This acts like a primer, creating a base to keep your color vibrant and long lasting. Instead of lipstick, apply shiny lip butter on top. Mwah – a slick look all day!


Make Mattes Fresh & Long-lasting

The key to fresh looking mattes? Moisturizing your lips first. All it takes is a few swipes of your fave lip balm or even argan oil. Give it a few minutes to get soaked up. Then line your lips, apply your matte and get ready for some serious pop.


Liven Up Your Nudes

Even nudes can go ombré. Create the natural effect by using a deeper shade on the outside and a slightly lighter shade in the center. Since both are nude and matte it will give the appearance of larger fuller lips.


Fake Your Way to Plumper Lips

Create the illusion of rounder, pillow-y lips by using matte lip creams slightly over the lip line. Continue to apply outward until you get the plumpness you want. Remember – let it sit until completely dry.


Get a “Bitten Lip” Look

You don’t need to eat strawberries to get that adorable stain in the middle of your lips. Do it with a lip trick.

1. Start by lining your pout.

2. Add a darker pencil in the center of the lip to add depth.

3. Layer Big Bang Vice Lipstick on the perimeter of the lips, and finish by applying Naked Concealer to sharpen the edges.


Double the Fun With a Two-Tone

It’s a party on the top and bottom lip when you rock a two-tone look. The secret is using complementary colors that pop, like peach and coral.

1. Apply a primer pencil around the perimeter of your lips.

2. Apply a peachy-nude lipstick to your upper lip.

3. Take a coral-pink on your lower lip.


Do a Lip Liner Hack

No liner? No problem. Define the outside of your lips by using the top edge of the stick before filling in the rest of the lip. And don’t forget – you can get a stain-like finish by dabbing, not smearing, color on your lips.


Stay Smooth… Always

These glosses have such a high pigment, there’s no need to wear any color underneath. Create the smoothest surface for your color by exfoliating your lips before applying. Use a facial cleaning brush – or even a simple washcloth or toothbrush – to lightly scrub and prep.