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Mini LED

Young Nails

Mini LED

Item 2518952

Small and compact, this Young Nails Mini LED light is perfect for the nail tech on the go or one who wants more space on their desk. Featues a 30 second timer.
How to apply:
    Apply a second thin layer of SlickPour Color powder over nail. Cure 1 minute in an LED light.
  • File and shape nails if needed and cleanse nail with a lint free wipe saturated in Cleanser. If no filing is needed, move onto the next step.
  • Apply SlickPour Top Coat and cure 1 minute in an LED light. With a free wipe saturated in Cleanser wipe off dispersion (sticky) layer of SlickPour Top Coat.

To Remove:
  • To begin removal, lightly file away the shiny surface off the nails. Saturate a nail wipe and Remover and place over the nail and wrap in foil.
  • Let saturated wipe wrapped in foil for 15 minutes presson nail plate with foil and with pressure rub and pull foil away.
  • If you have residue left, lightly buff with a 180 buffer. Now you are ready to re-apply a brand new set.

Precautions: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Avoid the skin. Keep away from eyes. If redness occurs discontinue use. Store in a cool dry place. Keep container closed to prevent moisture absorption and contamination. Keep away from children.


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