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Lip Freak Buzzing Lip Balm

Doctor Lip Bang's

Lip Freak Buzzing Lip Balm


.15 oz Item 2299658

Scent:Bubble Trouble


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Dr. Lip Bang's Lip Freak is an All-Natural Buzzing Lip Balm. Just pucker up and smear this awesome balm on your kisser. Within a minute, your lips are going to freak out! We're talking about a crazy, vibrating buzz that isn't like anything you've ever felt before. Yeah, baby! To have even more fun, freak out the next person you kiss when you transfer Lip Freak from your lips to theirs.

Dr. Lip Bang's Lip Freak is the strongest buzzing lip balm in the whole world! Super powerful, and Ultra Moisturizing, our unique buzzing balm is 100% natural, made with essential oils and great for boys and girls alike.



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