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Hybrid Blow Dryer


Hybrid Blow Dryer

Item 2287321

The CROC Hybrid Blow Dryer is a dual function dryer specially designed for all hair types. Built with an ionic generator, this optional feature allows the user to customize their styling. Turn the ionic generator "ON" to create a conditioning effect on the hair, and to seal the hair cuticle for smooth, shiny hair with less frizz. Most helpful for use to tame overly curly, thick hair. When Powered "OFF" the function will work as a volumizer. Great for use on fine hair to provide lift and volume. The Hybrid Blow Dryer is perfect for blowouts. The AC/DC combined power makes this dryer more powerful while staying light weight.

Key Features:
  • Powerful Ion Technology: Produces negative ions which neutralize the positive ions in the hair, prevent static, and make styling effortless. Ion On/Off switch for customized styling.
  • Therapy Integrated Ceramic System: Ensures gentle drying by the use of infrared heat technology. Extra light weight AC/DC motor: reduces arm pressure for long term use.
  • Specially designed cap with a silent fan blade: reduces noise and allows optimal air flow. 2 speed, 3 temperature settings. Easy to handle, ergonomic design. 12 ft. cord length.