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How to Add Volume to Hair

TOP STEPS to create voluminous locks

  • Do not wrap your hair tightly in a towel as it will flatten roots
  • Skip the ionic setting on your blow dryer
  • Try to let hair air dry & use a towel to (gently) soak
    up as much moisture as possible
  • Use a volumizing mousse on the roots only
  • Always dry your roots first, then work your way to the ends
  • Have your stylist cut layers into your hair to increase volume. Try a bodifying blowout from THE SALON. Maintain your style for days with dry shampoo
  • Use a round boar bristle brush when blow drying hair
  • Don't go overboard with your product as it will start to weigh hair down

best kept secret

Divide hair into at least 3 sections when you blow dry (your stylist does this because it works!)