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Grey Replacement Discs


Grey Replacement Discs

6 ct Item 2273451

PMD Personal Microderm includes PMD Grey Replacement Discs (2 large body discs, 4 small facial discs) and 1 black replacement filter. Aluminum oxide crystal coated tip for the very sensitive level of exfoliation.

CLICK HERE for Disc Comparison Guide
  • Do not use any peel products like alpha and beta hydroxy acid, retin A or retinol products 48 hours before or after using the PMD without consulting a physician.
  • Do not use if on Accutane or consult a physician.
  • Do not use if seeing a physician for serious skin conditions, have extremely sensitive skin or are taking prescriptions without consulting a physician.
  • Do not use directly above or below the eyes.
  • Do not hover in one spot.
    Do not keep going over the same spot multiple times. What the PMD is doing is not always visible. Be patient and learn over 2 to 3 uses how best to apply the treatments on your specific skin type.
  • Do not continue to apply the treatment if you feel pain. Pain will come if you have been too aggressive. You will feel tingling and distinct sensation but it should not be painful. Gauge this on your skin type.
  • Consult a physician if pregnant.


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