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Flash & Go Long Life Upgrade Kit


Flash & Go Long Life Upgrade Kit

Item 2274433

Now the best at-home hair removal system is even better. The Silk'n Flash&Go Long Life Upgrade Kit is a revolutionary cartridge that is used with the Flash&Go device. The redesigned Flash&Go Long Life kit provides a cartridge with a LIFETIME of flashes. This will be the last cartridge you will EVER need to buy. It will provide users with enough flashes to treat their entire body or any area large or small.
  • Insert disposable lamp cartridge correctly into the applicator of Silk'n Flash&Go.
  • Before treatment, it is important to shave the area to ensure the energy of the Flash&Go goes directly to the root of the problem.
  • Flash&Go emits a pulse of energy (HPL) which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft.
  • Hairs that are in the Anagen growth cycle are targeted by the energy and disabled, preventing future growth.
  • After a series of treatment, users report less hair growth in the treatment area, and eventually the hair will cease to grow.
  • Treatment sessions are performed every two weeks for the first four to six treatments. After that, the sessions are performed every month or as hair grows until you are completely hair free.

  • Not Suitable for Dark skin tones.
  • Not suitable for Blonde, grey or white hair.
  • Do not use on tanned skin or after recent sun exposure.


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