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JaponesqueCrease Blending Brush


Crease Blending Brush

Item 2518097

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Expertly designed for eye shadow blending, The Japonesque Crease Blending Brush is the ultimate eye shadow tool. The brush's silky fibers taper to a fluffy dome for controlled blending and exceptional color diffusion. Ideal for applying transitional colors and achieving an airbrushed smoky effect. The natural hairs offer smooth, exquisite application and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal for powder eye shadow or highlighter.
  • For best results first apply Japonesque Eye Primer.
  • Swirl the brush in small circular motions for a soft diffused look.
  • Apply and softly blend all over eyelids or focus on creases for infinite blurring effects.
  • Clean with Japonesque Brush Cleanser.
  • Hair: Natural

    Handle: Wooden


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