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Complexion Prep To Go Set


Complexion Prep To Go Set

Item 2523012

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Treat your skin right when you travel with this portable set for all your skin care needs. The Tweezerman Complexion Prep To Go Set includes smaller versions of Tweezerman's classic complexion tools to take with you on the go. Packaged in a convenient mini travel bag.

Set Includes:
  • Mini Cleansing Brush: Super soft bristles to gently cleanse deep into pores and safe for even the most sensitive skin. Smaller size fits into your hand and your makeup case. Vented holes in the base and cap allow the brush to dry thoroughly in between uses.
  • Mini Folding Precision Razor: A compact razor with a high-quality, stainless steel blade perfect for touch ups. Folds into handle for convenience and safety.
  • Mini Skin Care Tool: Tweezerman's classic, stainless steel skin care tool featuring a loop for extractions and a no-slip grip for easy handling in a miniature size.

Holding the brush comfortably in your hand, use a circular motion to softly blend face wash deep into your skin. As you begin to see your makeup coming off onto the brush, continue for one minute to give the skin a really, deep clean! Use the mini skin care tool to remove any unwanted black heads on your skin - Tweezerman never recommends trying to extract blemishes with your fingers as this can lead to infections and scarring. To trim unwanted facial hair, hold the brow razor at an angle and apply short, feathery strokes downward and with light pressure. Try to be as precise as possible to get the most desired shape. Handle with extreme care, blade is very sharp.


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