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ColorPop Electric Hair Chalk

Dippity Do

ColorPop Electric Hair Chalk

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Ka-POW! Dippity-Do ColorPop Hair Chalks instantly add a blast of vibrant color, texture and body for hair that's absolutely to dye for, without the commitment! Available in many exciting fashion forward shades, this rub-on powder shadow comes in a special egg pod for easy application and on-the-go style. From subtle streaks to a more daring 'do, Dippity-Do ColorPops allow you to create any style imaginable, anytime! Want to go back to blending in? Dippity-Do ColorPops wash out after a quick shampoo!
1. Make sure your hair is completely dry.

2. Always use a towel on your clothing and skin to prevent color staining.

3. Twist off Colorpop lid and hold powder pod firmly (using the fingergrips) to rub color powder directly onto hair wherever you want to add a splash, streak or spike of bold, vibrant color.

4. Massage product on hair with fingers for a more subtle blended effect. Continue to layer on color till you are satisfied with the intensity.

5. To finish, shake off any excess powder after application.

6. Finish with a shot of hair spray to prevent the color from rubbing off.

7. Strut your stuff!

Precautions: Dippity-Do Colorpop Temporary Hair Chalk usually washes out with one shampoo. If your hair is heavily processed, you may need to shampoo a few times as hair may be porous. Tip- use a good conditioner after shampooing, to seal the cuticle, blowdry your hair until completely dry. Product may stain. Avoid contact with clothing, bedding and furniture. Do not use to dye eyebrows or eyelashes. Avoid contact with eyes. Ideal for lighter hair shades. Results may vary. For adult use only.


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