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Coconut Oil Hair Mask with Biotin + Hair Superfoods

St. Tropica

Coconut Oil Hair Mask with Biotin + Hair Superfoods

1.5 oz Item 2304526

Dry, damaged hair is gone with just one use! The ST. TROPICA Coconut Oil Hair Mask - the one that people everywhere are calling "Best of the Best'-contains an exclusive formula of proven HAIR SUPERFOODS and quickly heats up like a Hot Oil Treatment, fully penetrating your hairs' cuticle layer-into the innermost cortex layer of the hair shaft, where the magic happens: as it repairs, nourishes, and deeply hydrates your hair from the inside-out, while revitalizing & strengthening dry, damaged hair & split ends. It's not just another ''artificial shine''/silicone fix (which only lasts for a couple of days, actually causing long term damage to your hair). It's 100% Natural and is ridiculously good for your hair. Now you can finally get soft, shiny, silky-smooth hair, that¿s also proven to be thicker & stronger... the right way, after the very first use.

This coveted hair mask formula starts with the single most important hair ingredient: Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)-the ONLY natural hair oil ever proven to increase hair strength, by reducing protein loss. It's also the only natural oil ever proven to fully penetrate the human hair shaft. ST. TROPICA'S VCO is certified organic, raw, unrefined, and cold pressed-as pure as it gets. This amazing VCO base is then deeply infused with the world's most-renowned hair superfoods, like pure Biotin, Bhringraj, Green Tea, Hibiscus, Amla, and Horsetail, all used for centuries & known for being super-rich in hair vitamins + nutrients... creating the HOLY GRAIL of all hair formulas. And they didn't stop there. They even created unique patented Heating Action for rapid penetration of the entire formula, giving you bombshell results, every time. For Stronger, longer, thicker hair, with unbelievable shine & softness. ST. TROPICA truly believes, and their loyal followers constantly tell them: it's the single best thing you could ever put on your hair.

ST. TROPICA ingredients are all natural, with no artificial-anything. certified cruelty free with no animal testing ever, and Certified Vegan with no animal-derived ingredients whatsoever. The ST. TROPICA Hair Mask does not contain any silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, soy, additives, stabilizers, preservatives or fragrances (yuck). It does contain the best of the best, high performance, plant and fruit-based ingredients, sustainably sourced from Nature (Yay!)

How to use:

1. Lay unopened packet flat in microwave.
2. Heat for 20 seconds
3. Remove packet from microwave using caution as packet and contents will be hot. Check for desired temperature by kneading unopened packet in your hands. If packet is too hot, let it cool to a desired temperature.
4. To re-heat, lay unopened packet in microwave for 10 second increments until desired temperature is reached.

For Kettle Heating:

1. Stand unopened packet (bend to fit) inside a heat-safe mug so that the top portion of the packet protrudes outside (above) the top of the mug.
2. Fill mug 4/5 full with hot water from a kettle and wait for 30 seconds
3. Remove packet from mug using caution as packet and the water inside the mug will be hot. Check for desired temperature by kneading unopened packet in your hands. If packet is too hot, let it cool until desired temperature is reached

Applying to Hair & Scalp:

1. Using caution as packet and contents may be hot, open by cutting along the dotted line on the back of packet.
2. Squeeze contents onto DRY hair and scalp and massage in gently.
3. Apply hair cap, or plastic wrap, or towel, to head and hair.
4. Leave treatment in for minimum of 20 minutes. For best results, leave in overnight.
5. Shampoo hair TWICE, then condition hair to finish the treatment.

Recommended use: For maximum benefits repeat treatment weekly.
Organic virgin coconut oil, organic biotin, organic horsetail, organic amla, organic hibiscus, organic green tea, organic coconut butter, organic coconut fruit extract.


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