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Online Only Blue Acne Treatment Device


Online Only Blue Acne Treatment Device

Item 2274434

Award Winning! Clear your skin of pimples and acne, and prevent future blemishes and breakouts with the, dermatologist-recommended Silk'n Blue! The dual power of natural blue light and dermal heating offers a safe, drug-free, and effective way to combat the root causes of present and future acne: the blue light destroys existing acne-causing bacteria residing beneath the skin's surface, and the dermal heating dehydrates the overproducing oil-glands.

Silk'n Blue Benefits:

  • Starts neutralizing bacteria immediately.
  • Silk'n Blue will help in the destruction of bacteria causing acne, the reduction in the appearance of new pimples and quick healing of existing pimples
  • Fast and visible results - get best results of clear, beautiful skin in 3-7 weeks
  • Clinically proven and dermatologist-recommended
  • Natural, drug free solution
  • Dual energy for bacteria destruction and acne prevention
  • FDA-cleared


  • Press the POWER button to turn the device on/off.
  • The green treatment indicator light will blink, and then steady.
  • Hold the Blue applicator against the skin for 3-4 minutes. The temperature will gradually rise.
  • Move the applicator to the next infected area, and so on, until you treat all infected areas.
  • Treatment Schedule: Wash and dry face before treatment and then apply Silk'n Blue for 3-4 minutes on each infected area daily over 6-8 weeks.
  • Maintenance Schedule: Use Silk'n Blue on infected areas once a week to maintain healthy skin.

Additional Things to Remember:
  • Each treatment session should last 3-4 minutes per affected area.
  • Best results appear within 3-7 weeks after treatment.
  • Wash the infected skin daily.

Precautions: Do not use Silk'n Blue if you:
  • Have eczema, psoriasis, lesions or active infections, such as cold sores in the area to be treated. Wait for the affected areas to heal before using Blue.
  • If you have been treated with Accutane (isotretinion) within the past 6 months.
  • If you have been on a steroid regimen within the past 3 months


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