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T3 Online Only Voluminous Hot Rollers 1.50%22 %26 Clips


Online Only Voluminous Hot Rollers 1.50" & Clips

1-1/2 in

Item #: 2275554

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Technology reinvented for voluptuous waves and curls with incredible shine. T3 has reimagined the classic hot roller for contemporary hairstyling. With advanced technology in each roller, every strand of hair will have volume, shape, movement and shine.


  • Medium 1.50" hot rollers create volume at the root with some wave for shorter hair, soft curls for collar lengths and tighter curls for longer length hair.
  • Each 2 pk includes 2 spring-loaded butterfly clips to hold rollers securely in place during styling.

(2 pk.)

Press the On/Off switch and wait 2-3 minutes for the unit to heat up. The ready-to-use indicator on each roller will turn white when it is fully heated. Note: The butterfly clips should never be left directly on the rollers when they are on the heated charging base.

Begin at the top of the head, near the crown. Select a section of hair approximately 2" long and 3" wide, and place a roller behind the section against the ends of the hair.

Wind the roller down to the head and secure with the roller clip. Repeat this step with the section directly in front of the crown.

Continue this process with one roller on either side of the head. Lift sections at least 45° from head, place the roller under the section and wind towards the head.

Divide the hair at the back of your head into 4 equal sections (upper left, upper right, bottom left, bottom right). Roll each section under and clip into place.

Let rollers cool for 10-20 minutes before removing clips. Style as desired.

Note: By rolling from ends to roots, the finished look will have a strong curl at the ends.


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