<%-- OneColumnPage.jsp Renders the contents of OneColumnPage and the invokes the renderers for the child cartridges. If no results are obtained for the search, then the "displayMainContent" parameter is set to true in the handler for the OneColumnPage cartridge. Also "noResultDisplayMsg" parameter is set to true from the handler if there is error scenarios and the appropriate messages are set up from the handler. Required Parameters: contentItem This should corresponds to the OneColumnPage content item. Optional Parameters: --%> <%@ include file="/global/inc/taglibs.jspf" %> <%@ include file="/global/inc/header_head.jsp"%> <%-- Render the header --%>
<%-- Mobile Navigation --%> <%-- Mobile Navigation --%>
<%-- zero results --%> <%--This will get executed for the special offer detail pages --%> <%-- This will get executed when the Special Offer detail pages do not return any results, i.e. no offer skus for the promotion and no filter are applied --%>
<%-- When the Price Slider filter is selected with $0-$0 and no products are obtained. Reset url link will be displayed--%> ${content.noResultDisplayMsg}
<%--This will get executed for the sale landing page displaying the Reset url when the Price Slider filter is selected with $0-$0 - display in sync with Special Offer detail pages --%>

You may also try:

<%-- Render the main content --%>
<%-- Omniture Tagging --%> <%-- End Omniture Tagging --%>