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TowelDryTD Natural Hold Crème Styler


TD Natural Hold Crème Styler

8.4 oz

Item #: 2286906

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Award winning Vitamin B5 enriched texture creme is for all hair types. This highly pliable, super-lightweight smoothing cream gives hair superior volume and adds life to any style. Control unruly curls and moisturize hair with a natural satin shine.
  • Curl control, calm and tame unruly curls.
  • Long-lasting natural hold.
  • Medium shine satin finish for healthy vibrant looks.
  • Low tack, smooth clean feel that's easy to distribute through hair.
  • Helps hair look thicker and adds volume to styles.
  • Rinses easy and clean and reactivates with water.
  • Blend with other TD Stylers for varied textures and finishing.
  • Choice ingredients and modern formulating.
For best results, rub a small amount evenly between hands and apply to damp hair and style as desired. For additional lift, apply to the roots of the hair.


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