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Hot Tools Ribbon Curlers

Hot Tools

Ribbon Curlers

Item #: 2517225 Size: 16 ct

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Hot Tools Ribbon Curliers create long lasting spiral curls while you sleep. Assorted sizes 8 large and 8 small. No pins or clips needed.
Snap on the 2 pieces of the stick to form one stick tool. Start with damp hair. Detangle hair to remove any knots. Optional: Add mousse for a stronger hold. Insert the stick into the rubber curler. Grab a small section of hair and hook it on the stick. Gently pull the stick out from the rubber curler. Adjust the roller position as needed. Repeat steps 4-7 until done. Heat with a blow dryer or wear overnight to set the style. Unwind the rollers one by one. Finger brush you hair and enjoy your curls.


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