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Paul Mitchell Online Only Neuro Motion Touch Activated Dryer

Paul Mitchell

Online Only Neuro Motion Touch Activated Dryer

Item 2511503

MotionZone technology turns the dryer on when you pick it up and off when you put it down for super-efficient styling.

Key Features:
  • Touch-activated MotionZone technology powers dryer on and off
  • Lightweight 1875-watt DC motor
  • LED display shows heat and power settings
  • 4 heat settings and cool shot button
  • SmartSense microchip activates "Clean Filter" function
  • Protective soft-touch rubber coating
  • Added bonus: Comes with a soft-touch styling nozzle and collapsible silicone diffuser that universally fits most dryers
Hold the touch-activated motion zone on the handle or barrel and press the power button to turn on the dryer. The temperature/speed bar, logo and "Clean Filter" will light up. When you release the dryer, it will go into standby mode. The dryer will automatically shut off after one hour. To permanently turn off the dryer, press the power button. Use up and down buttons to: Increase the temperature and airflow, decrease the temperature and airflow. Press the cool shot button to release cool air. Release the cool shot button to return to heating. After 30 hours of use, the SmartSense "Clean Filter" light will begin to blink to alert you to wash and clean the filter (thoroughly wash filter with warm water and air-dry). Press the Reset button for approximately 5 seconds to reset the Filter button, and reset for another 30 hours. The "Clean Filter" light will stop blinking once reset.


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