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Dior J%27adore Injoy Eau de Toilette


J'adore Injoy Eau de Toilette

3.4 oz

Item #: 2514392


J'adore Injoy is the perfume that captures the scent of pure joy. A new, instant pleasure, an exuberant declaration of love for life: J'adore Injoy!

François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, has created a salted sensation that is both original and unexpected with its daring floral-fruity-salty scent. A refreshing, salty Fleur de Sel note brightens the lively freshness of two white flowers: Madagascan ylang-ylang essence, custom-crafted in grasse, and jasmine sambac. Finished with a juicy peach note, J'adore Injoy has a singular charm that seizes the senses with its light, salty nectar.

"With J'adore Injoy, I created an original fruity-salty accord to make white flowers shine. This Fleur de Sel is modern in style and literally smells of joy." - François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

Fleur de Sel: For J'adore Injoy, François Demachy has created an original and surprising Fleur de Sel note that seems to sit on the tip of your tongue. An instantly joyful and incisive freshness, at the border between taste and smell, that is as charming as it is compelling. Chefs know "Fleur de Sel" (literally, "salt flower") as the petal-like flakes of natural sea-salt crystals, prized for their beauty and flavor.

Heart of Ylang, transformed in Grasse: At the heart of J'adore Injoy shines the heart of ylang note. Madagascan ylang-ylang flower is tropical and solar. Its essence is refined to perfection through a long, custom distillation process in grasse, the birthplace of the art and science of transforming flowers into perfume. Patiently fine-tuned to balance the striking salty note of the overall fragrance, heart of ylang is the joyful signature of J'adore Injoy.

Juicy Peach: J'adore Injoy blooms with the ripe fullness of a fruity, juicy peach note. A honeyed, velvety softness that makes the fragrance even more delicious.

Fragrance Notes:
  • Top - Fleur de Sel
  • Heart - Ylang ylang, transformed in grasse
  • Base - Juicy peach

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