12 Must-Have Makeup Brushes and High Quality Makeup Brush Sets

IT Cosmetic Brushes for ULTA

Introducing Your 12 Must-Have Makeup Brushes Introducing Your 12 Must-Have Makeup Brushes
Introducing Your 12 Must-Have Makeup Brushes

Meet your 12 Must-Have Brushes and discover exclusive collections that allow you to experience Your Makeup But Better.™

Ultra Luxe®, plush, cruelty-free hair
Custom cut brush heads
Great for the makeup newbie or makeup pro

IT Brushes for ULTA are your

  • Best Mineral Foundation Brush! The dome-shaped allows forcontrolled, easy to buff onapplication all over the face orspot complexion application!
  • Best Crease Brush! Narrow, tapered head seamlesslyfits in the crease of your eyefor perfect definition and impact!
  • Best Blush Brush! Dense, angled shape designedto hug the cheek contour fornatural-looking colorand placement!
  • Best Multi-tasking Complexion Brush! Domed and dense brush head is
custom cut for both all over face
buffing and for easy application
in targeted spots on the face!

  • BEST
BRUSH! This densely packed and
angled shape hugs the curves
of your face for all
your highlighting and
contouring needs!
  • Best Finishing Powder Brush! Large, fluffy rounded
shape is perfect for
dusting and blending
all-over your face and body!
  • Best Concealer Brush! This thin, tapered small paddle
brush head allows for smooth
and precise application to
targeted areas on the face!
  • BEST
BRUSH! Super-dense paddle brush
deposits and seamlesslyblends in
color for a perfectly flawless
application every time!

  • Best Powder Foundation Brush! This densely packed and precision
cut angled shape hugs the
planes and curves of your face
for the perfect application!
  • Best Eyeshadow Brush! Small, round head is great
for creating the perfect
eye looks with precision
and control!
  • Best Bronzer Brush! Dense, cropped shape for
targeted color application
and the perfect tool for
highlighting and contouring!
  • Best Eyeliner Brow Brush! Firm, flat angled tip applies color
smoothly and easily along the
lash line or through the brows
for a natural look!