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Conair Infiniti Pro 3QMS Compact Brushless Motor Styling Tool


Infiniti Pro 3QMS Compact Brushless Motor Styling Tool

Item #: 2505232

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Powerful and ultra-fast, the Infiniti Pro 3QMS Compact Brushless Motor Styling Tool offers superior styling and drying for shiny, healthy-looking hair. This revolutionary tool features an advanced brushless motor for quick, quiet, and quality results. In fact, it dries equivalent to a 2000 watt professional dryer. The Infiniti Pro 3Q Styling Tool is a must-have for effortlessly achieving salon-perfect style whether you want sleek and straight locks or voluminous waves.

What sets the Infiniti Pro 3Q Brushless Motor Styling Tool apart from the rest? It's all about Quick, Quiet & Quality results -- which stand for the 3 Q's in its name:
  • Quick - The Infiniti Pro 3Q Styling Tool's powerful, energy efficient motor reduces drying time by up to 70% with lower temperature and faster airflow to minimize heat damage
  • Quiet - It is powerful, yet quiet with up to 40% less noise with patent pending noise reduction technology
  • Quality - Most dryer motors use carbon brushes to drive the motor. These brushes wear out over time causing the motor to stop working, typically between 175-500 hours of use. Brushless motors use magnets and electronics to drive the motor, extending the life of the dryer by 10X - that's 5000 hours of use!

The 3Q features ionic technology to provide enhanced shine and up to 75% less frizz and titanium ceramic technology for gentle infrared heat to protect hair from heat damage. Also, the ergonomic design is 18% lighter than a standard AC motor dryer for comfortable styling. For customizable style, the 3Q dryer features three heat settings along with a low and high speed setting. With an easy flick of the rocker switches, any combination of these settings can be used to match your hair texture and length. For example, the low-heat, low-speed setting is ideal for delicate, fine hair of all lengths, while the high-heat, high-speed setting is best suited for thick or long hair. A cold shot button that glows blue when on provides a blast of cold air to set hair once you've achieved your desired style.

Key Features:
  • Heat protect brushless motor
  • 5000 hours of life
  • Reduced noise with patent pending noise reduction technology
  • Frizz defense with ionic ceramic technology
  • Lightweight
  • Concentrator and diffuser attachments included

(Model # 3QMS)