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Thymes Online Only Hot Cocoa Travel Tin Trio


Online Only Hot Cocoa Travel Tin Trio

Item 2519326

Why have one treat when you can have all three? Thymes Hot Cocoa Collection Travel Tin Candle Sampler includes the traditional treat of Milk Chocolate, refreshing crispness of Peppermint and the exotic sweetness of Dark Chocolate for a trio of indulgence - a delicious invitation to stay inside.
Tin will get hot; to prevent damage, place on plate or other heat resistant surface only.  Do not place candle on lid while burning.  Discontinue burning and recycle container (if recyclable) when 1/2¿ wax remains.  Trim wick to ¿¿ before lighting and burn no longer than 4 hours at a time.  Allow candle to cool completely before handling.


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