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It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Superhero Brush

It Cosmetics

Heavenly Luxe Superhero Brush

Item #: 2514579

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Get your beauty problems solved with IT Cosmetics beauty solutions.

This must-have, game-changing brush gives you the power to flawlessly apply all your favorite shadow and liner formulas with just one tool. The innovative dual-ended design features an angled eyeliner brush for even and precise liner application, plus a groundbreaking eyeshadow brush that starts as your all-over shadow brush - and transforms into your crease and smudger brushes, too!

To experience your Superhero eyes, use the eyeshadow brush end to apply your all-over shadow. Slide up the brush base one click to buff in your crease shadow. For added definition, slide up the brush base another click and smudge shadow along your lower lash line. To finish, use the angled eyeliner brush end to effortlessly apply your liner.

Featuring award-winning, cruelty-free Heavenly Luxe hair, this groundbreaking brush is so easy to use, it truly does the work for you - and gives you the power to discover your most beautiful, eye-opening results!

Step 1: Start with your All-Over Shadow Brush! Apply shadow all over your eye area, from your lash line to brow bone, using smooth sweeping motions.

Step 2: Click up once for your Crease Brush! Blend shadow into your eyelid crease using gentle windshield-wiper motions.

Step 3: Click up twice for your Smudger Brush! Smudge out shadow or liner along your lash line, starting at the outer corner and blending inward using short, soft strokes.

Step 4: Flip to use your Liner Brush! Apply liner along your lash line, starting at the inner corner and moving outward using short, feathery strokes.


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