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Lulu Beauty Hair Color Kit

Lulu Beauty

Hair Color Kit

Item #: 2504104

The Lulu Beauty Hair Color Kit contains every tool you need to get professional results when coloring your hair at home - just add hair color! Each Hair Color Kit includes a disposable shampoo cape to keep you clean, 2 clips for sectioning the hair, a color brush for applying the color evenly, and a hair color remover wipe to remove any stains on the face, hands or elsewhere. Use with any type of hair color for great looking hair!
Open the package and put on the disposable cape to protect clothes from any hair color spills or splattering that may occur during the coloring process. Use the clips to section the hair and then use the color brush to apply the hair color according to manufacturer directions. When finished, use the color wipe and rub gently to remove any unwanted hair color stains on the skin.


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