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Dafni Go Hair Straightening Brush


Go Hair Straightening Brush


Item #: 2515125


Dafni Go Hair Straightening Brush is portable, provides a salon - quality blowout in just a few minutes while you are on the go. With patented technology, Dafni maintains constant temperature throughout use and packs up quickly in its thermal travel case after use.

Key Features:
  • Compact, lightweight design for ultimate portability
  • Bristles include a scalp - protecting, spring mechanism that provide extensive reach from the root of the hair to the ends
  • Five times the surface area of a traditional flat iron
  • Plus Smart 3D Technology with 7x's the power to enable uniform heat distribution while brushing.
  • 365F
  • Maintain the optimal temperature for smoothing out frizzy, untamed hair
  • Detachable cable
  • Dual voltage capability
  • Heat - resistant travel case
  • Three - year manufacturer's warranty
For best results, start with dry, product - free, and tangle - free hair. To begin, grab a section of your hair and hold taut at the tip. Next, place the DAFNI brush with bristles down at the hair root and pull down slowly to the ends of the hair, making sure hair gets deep into the purple ceramic area as you pull down. Remember DAFNI is not an ordinary brush and the pace should enable the hair to properly absorb the heat, about the same pace you would use an iron. Turn the brush inward or outward to shape the ends of your hair. Continue to grab additional sections of hair and repeat the process until all sections of hair have been styled.


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