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Woosh Beauty The Even Eye Stencils

Woosh Beauty

The Even Eye Stencils

Item #: 2512430

In Stores 8-24!

Woosh Beauty's The Even Eye Stencils are perfectly designed to help you achieve even eye makeup looks every time. Balance your eye shadow, avoid shadow fall out, get sleek, even liner and extend brows. These reusable, repositionable stencils are made of medical grade silicone, gentle for the eye area and guaranteed to be a game-changer.

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Remove clear film backing to expose adhesive, then position the stencil under eyes, aligning with lower lash line. For every day eye shadow application, apply shadow from the middle of eye to just past the edge of the stencil, then remove the stencil and blend edges (if desired). For a Smokey look, apply shadow into crease and along the stencil edge, increasing intensity along the lash line, then remove stencils. For a quick cat eye, apply a quick flick of liner along lash line and the edge of the stencil, then remove stencils and blend and soften edges (if desired).
Medical Grade Silicone, Medical Grade Silicone Adhesive.


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