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ULTA 6-Way Nail Buffer


6-Way Nail Buffer

Item #: 2309016

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Shape, smooth, and gloss your nails to polish ready perfection. This essential Ulta 6-Way Nail Buffer manicure tool provides a different treatment and technique on each surface.
File nails to desired shape using the black or white emery board.

Step 1: Even Out: File in one direction to even out the nail shape and define the nail contours.

Step 2: Smooth: File in one direction to smooth the nail edges to a silky, even finish.

Step 3: Buff: Refine the nail surface with this fine grain buffer to even out ridges and create a flawlessly smooth nail surface.

Step 4: Shine: Buff the ultra-smooth surface across the nails in both directions to give nails a glossy shine.


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